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Mortgage Master

Jason Osenton
Branch Manager
NMLS# 21487
750 Lindaro Street Suite 235
San Rafael, CA 94901
Office: (415) 524-8695
Fax: (415) 532-2087
About Jason Osenton
Jason Osenton is a seasoned mortgage professional with over 11 years of experience in mortgage banking with regional and national mortgage lenders. Jason joined Mortgage Master, Inc. in July of 2006, at which time he opened MMI's first west coast office. As a member of the Mortgage Master team, Jason has established himself as a specialist in creating beneficial borrower alternatives through diversified product offerings. Jason has been consistently recognized in the Top 1% of Mortgage Originators in the country as listed in Mortgage Executive Magazine.

In addition to all of Jason's accomplishments, he takes a great deal of pride that his focus has remained the same, treating each and every customer as he would want to be treated himself recognizing he is only as successful as his last transaction. By sharing his expertise and experience, he loves to open eyes and doors for people. Jason shares a commitment with his team to provide the best possible financial solution for each client through honest representation and unparalleled customer service.

Jason earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics in from Boston College in 1997. He currently resides in San Rafael, CA with his wife, Lisa and their two year old daughter, Avery. Aside from being a husband and father, Jason is an active member of the community as he is involved with the world's leading autism science and advocacy organization, Autism Speaks.
CA LIC # CA-DOC21487 / FL LIC # LO1018 / MA LIC # ML021487 / NJ LIC # 21487 / PA LIC # 23423 / WA LIC # MLO-21487
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My Testimonials

My Testimonials

"This was by far the best service I have seen for a mortgage company, I have worked with a few companies and several brokers, but this one certainly deserves 5 stars. The company was very professional in handling the entire process efficiently and we were done with no issues and no stress… with the best deal I could find."
— Evie U. (Somerville, MA)
MMI Newsroom

MMI Newsroom

The End of the “Juicing”Era

The End of the “Juicing”Era

In baseball, historians regard the period from the early 1990s through 2009 as the Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) or “juicing” era. During this time a significant number of Major League players used banned drugs to improve their performance on the field. A similar period of artificially enhanced performance improvement in the mortgage industry is coming

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Published: October 28, 2014
Written By: Mortgage Master, Inc.

Is Your Housing Investment Gaining Strength? Thank a 23 Year Old!

Is Your Housing Investment Gaining Strength? Thank a 23 Year Old!

There has been much commentary in the press and even comedy treatment on the late-night talk shows regarding the unprecedented number of young Americans still living with, or returning to live with, their parents. Just over 30% of young adults 18-35 are currently living with their parents, which is up from an average of 26%

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Published: October 6, 2014
Written By: Mortgage Master, Inc.

Approaches to Appraisal: Can Different Methods Impact Home Value?

Approaches to Appraisal: Can Different Methods Impact Home Value?

Most real estate professionals are familiar with home appraisals, but how much do you know about the methods used to determine the value of a property? As a real estate professional, it is important to understand the different approaches to appraising a home, and how they can impact your clients’ financing. A real estate appraisal

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Published: September 26, 2014
Written By: Mortgage Master, Inc.
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